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Sycamore residents share their hopes for 2020

SYCAMORE – Jan Bolander, who has made art all her life, has made it her new year’s resolution to make even more of it.

Bolander and her husband, Dale, were pulling their two-year-old twin grandsons, Milo and Kai, around in a little red wagon to kill time while the boys’ mother, Quinn, was preparing to give birth to another child Thursday. Jan said they were watching the twins.

“My resolution is to make more art,” Jan said. “Mainly, I want to make more sculptures.”

Jan takes part in eco printing, which is a natural way of printing on fabric. She also creates small metal sculptures and metal jewelry.

Her husband, Dale, is an organic farmer of corn, soy, wheat, hay and oats in Sycamore. Although he didn’t share a resolution, he did offer his wish for the new year. He wants to see 2020 be kinder to farming than 2019 has been.

“Hopefully, we have a better year for all farms,” Dale said.

College student Lorelei Key, 18, said she doesn’t do resolutions anymore and just wants to get her Certified Nursing Assistant degree at Kishwaukee College and should have her CNA degree in March.

“I used to when I was younger,” she said, “But now, I’m an old fart.”

Key said she stopped making resolutions because she ended up giving up on the past resolutions she made.

One thing Matthew Persson doesn’t want is to set a resolution and then give up on it. So now, he doesn’t set resolutions at the beginning of the year.

“I prefer to set goals throughout the year,” Persson said.

His sister, Hannah, agreed with him. She said they set their goals any time, including the first day of a week, a month, or even a season.

“We set benchmarks throughout the year,” she said.

Hannah said it gives them the feeling that they’re starting fresh. She learned from author Daniel Pink’s book “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing,” which describes how someone should do something or start something new, such as a new job. She said she learned that even the day of the week matters.

“If you make a resolution on a Monday, you feel like it’s a fresh start,” she said.

So on Thursday, she was wary of making a resolution, but did so anyway.

“I’d like to fix my posture,” she said. “Posture is the key to youth.”

Hannah also said one wish she has is to hike the Appalachian Trail.

However, Matthew’s goal is more abstract – he wants to find true love.

Darcy Ray and Bob Ray, both in their 50s and who met as high school sweethearts many years ago, were walking down State Street. They want to do more of it for the new year.

Their shared resolution is to maintain their health, which is one of the reasons they were out walking.

They also want more weather like they had Thursday, which had a high temperature of about 59 degrees.

Darcy said they want to travel to Nevada, Florida and Tennessee to see family. The two have grandchildren they want to see more often.

Bob agreed, but he also wants to see more of the country too.

Bob said they want to get a recreational vehicle and drive. They both prefer seeing the country rather than flying over it.

“Our goal is to travel to all 50 states,” Bob said. “Guess you could call it our bucket list.”

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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