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Sycamore school board talks capital improvement projects

SYCAMORE – Mark Ekstrom, director of buildings and grounds, said he’s requesting Sycamore School District 427 spend $342,301 through Fiscal Year 2021 in order to fix some problematic technology and roadways at a couple of schools.

One of those things is a PA system at Sycamore Middle School that needs to be replaced or repaired.

Ekstrom said the system has blown a fuse before and is ready to be replaced.

“It’s on its last leg,” Ekstrom said.

He’s received an estimate of $66,000 to replace the system.

The current system at the school is 19 years old, which makes it difficult to repair, he said. The fact it’s blowing fuses, which leads to the system powering down, presents a problem for them.

He said the PA system is the most important improvement and that it is a matter of safety.

Among other projects, Ekstrom said the Sycamore High School parking lot by the tennis courts needs to be upgraded right away. The estimate he received was about $130,300.

“That parking lot has been failing for the last couple years,” Ekstrom said. “So far, we’ve put about 1,500 pounds of asphalt to keep it going.”

Ekstrom said he’s placed asphalt in order to keep the potholes from forming.

He said the teacher’s parking lot at the high school also needs to be replaced. He’s received a $48,681 estimate in order to redo that lot.

“It has a few spots in there as well that are falling apart,” he said.

Ekstrom said the teacher’s parking lot is on the “verge” of the end of its use.

A driveway at South Prairie Elementary School is another road area that needs to be redone as well, he said. The estimated price for that would be $72,319.

Ekstrom said there is an old side and a new side of the driveway. He said the new side is in good shape, while the old side has potholes in it.

“We put 1,000 pounds of asphalt into it here this week,” he said. “Just solidify some of those holes across there because I don’t see cars going through that side at South Prairie again.”

Another one of the improvements Ekstrom wants for the 2021 fiscal year, which would bring the estimated total up to $342,300, is $25,000 for the sealing of the driveway at North Grove Elementary School.

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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