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The Next Picture Show receives increased city funding following debate

DIXON — The Next Picture Show will be getting a larger donation from the city after a majority of the council agreed to increase funding to help expand the art gallery’s offerings.

The council debated how much funding to give The Next Picture Show and organizations such as the Dixon Municipal Band earlier this year during the city’s budget season.

In February, The Next Picture Show’s new executive director Philip Atilano presented to the council several goals to increase programming and events, including upping the different workshop classes for adults and children and creating a city art festival.

Atilano requested the city donate $35,000 and then $15,000 in subsequent years.

The council had originally decided on giving the organization $8,000, but that was increased to $20,000 with arguments that it would help allow for extra programming.

The donation expense on Monday’s council meeting agenda was set at $25,000, and when Mayor Li Arellano Jr. pointed out the typo, Councilman Dennis Considine motioned to increase the donation to $35,000.

“With how many wonderful things they’ve done already, we can certainly afford to open our pockets,” Considine said.

The expense was approved in a split vote, with Arellano and Councilman Chris Bishop against.

The funds will come from the city’s COVID relief fund, which includes $500,000 for donations.

The council also approved donating $100,000 to the Dixon Historic Theatre from the fund to go toward events. The group has also previously agreed to fund another $100,000 toward a potential local match for a grant the theater is pursuing.

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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