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Voters to settle 9 contests on La Salle County Board

Voters will have a chance to reshape the La Salle County Board, which has 18 candidates vying for nine open seats.

I voted stickers lay on a voting machine at the Utica Village Hall during the Primary Election on Tuesday, June 28, 2022 in Utica.

Voters will have a chance to reshape the La Salle County Board, which has 18 candidates vying for nine open seats. (Scott Anderson/)

District 1

Joanne McNally is a Mendota business owner and Republican incumbent seeking her fourth term of office. “I have never had an agenda,” McNally said. “I do my best to make the best choices for the entire county based on the information I am given.”

Her opponent, Stephen Carlson, served one term on the La Salle County Board (2006-10) now is an independent seeking to return after a 12-year hiatus. This is the third time Carlson and McNally will have faced off.

District 9

Ray Gatza, a Dimmick Township Republican, is operations manager for United Natural Foods Inc. and a precinct committeeman. He pledges to be attentive to constituents, be fiscally conservative and be professional and ethical.

Carolyn Moore, a Democratic newcomer, is a retired math teacher, author and math consultant. Her objectives include improving communications with the public, enhancing fact-finding and on issues and advocating for the county nursing home.

District 10

Joseph Oscepinski Jr., of Peru, works for UPS. The incumbent Democrat pledges to keep taxes from rising and boosting capital investments for job growth. “Save the taxpayers money is No. 1 on the list,” he said.

Glen Pratt, his Republican challenger, is a committeeman for Peru precinct 6 and a regional director of the La Salle chapter of Guns Save Life. Pratt pledges to purse election integrity and uphold the Second Amendment

District 11

Joe Witczak, a Democratic incumbent, is owner of Witczak Bros. in Peru. If reelected, he pledges to keep taxes as low as possible, fund as many county services with available resources and maintain the highest quality of county services.

Republican challenger Rick O’Sadnick is a senior scientist at Benzaco Scientific with multiple post-secondary degrees. He pledges to resist raising taxes, limit health insurance to full-time county employees and supports a morgue or alternative facility.

District 13

Mike Kasap, is an electrician and Democratic incumbent with 12 years service on the La Salle County Board. He has served on several board committees and wants “to continue supporting veterans, our sheriff and opportunities in education.”

Crystal Loughran is a Republican and educator who served elected office at IVCC and as a Peru precinct 1 committeewoman. She pledges full funding and resources for the sheriff’s office and to retain small businesses through better taxation and regulation.

District 16

Joseph J. Panzica Jr. is a Democrat who had previously served three terms on the La Salle County Board. He pledges to limit taxes, but ensure funding to run the county.

Republican William J. “Bill” Brown Jr. ,of Utica, is a retiree and political newcomer who proposes to “support our law enforcement and support our county employees.”

District 18

Pamela Beckett, a Democratic newcomer, worked recently in not-for-profit leadership. She pledges outreach to the nonprofit community and promote overall quality of life.

Republican Lloyd Chapman is a realtor and precinct committeeman who wants to limit taxes, seek “common sense government and get the most out of our tax dollars.”

District 22

Jerry Hicks is an accountant and Democratic incumbent who has served on the La Salle County Board since 1998. He pledges to continue overseeing the county’s management and administration and collaborate with all board members on pertinent issues.

Stephen Aubry, a Republican, is a retired truck dealer, farmer and committeeman for Rutland precinct 1. His objectives are to push for a conservative spending strategy, push for a concentrated economic development strategy and fight government mandates.

District 25

Ronald Blue, incumbent Republican, is a retired truck driver. He pledges to use taxpayers’ money “wisely” and keep taxes low and “to not act like a politician when it comes to decisions,” as well as to continually learn to do the job to the best of his ability.

Fred Nimke, Democratic challenger, is a retired union carpenter who previously served on Woodland School Board. He pledges to seek “a fair and equitable way of reducing our ever-increasing property tax burden” and address pedestrian safety on truck routes.

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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