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What to Know About Independent Living

As we get older, making plans for our remaining years becomes a crucial consideration.

There comes a point in retirement when your children have moved out, and perhaps you no longer want the burden of taking care of your home and landscape by yourself.

In such a situation, transitioning to an independent living community may be a logical option.

An independent living community is a place for active, healthy seniors who can live on their own – but it includes extra amenities such as yard maintenance, housekeeping, security, fitness centers, and more. Most residents in these communities live alone or with their spouse without needing specific medical support. There are however many important details when choosing independent living. Here are some important things to know and consider:

Type and cost

Two of the most common types would be senior housing with people around your same age, or a retirement community where assisted living can be transitioned into if needed. Cost is another major factor and varies by community. Medicare does not typically cover independent living costs either, so insurance should be accounted for as well.

Location and amenities

Would you want to live in or near your current town? Or venture into an all-new area? What amenities would you need or are interested in? Dining, fitness, swimming, transportation, and social activities are just some of the features offered by many communities.

Finances and reputation

If you think independent living could be an option, you’ll want to make sure you can afford it and that it makes good financial sense. Planning for these costs with your family or an experienced financial advisor would be helpful. Also, do your research. Does the community have a good reputation? It’s important to review and seek out testimonials from residents or families who have had experience with an independent living community to give you valuable insights into the benefits, housing types, neighbors, and so forth, to get a good feel of the lifestyle.

These are just a few of the many key factors in researching an independent living community and determining if its right for you. For more information, visit our website or call 815-787-6500.

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Source: The Daily Chronicle

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