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Yorkville mayor delivers swag to Kendall County sheriff

YORKVILLE – Kendall County Sheriff Dwight Baird stood at the back of the room during the Oct. 11 Yorkville City Council meeting, there to show his support for two Yorkville police officers who were receiving promotions.

Baird’s presence did not escape the notice of Mayor John Purcell from his seat at the head of the council chambers.

“I’ve got something for you,” the mayor told Baird across the crowded council chambers as he started the meeting. “I’ll bring it to the county board meeting next week.”

True to his word, Purcell was seated at the back of the Kendall County Board meeting room as the Oct. 18 regular session was ready to get started.

Purcell, who served for many years on the county board before being elected Yorkville mayor in 2019, was immediately called on by board Chairman Scott Gryder, who noted that Purcell was not wearing one of his trademark Hawaiian shirts.

“I didn’t wear a Hawaiian shirt because it’s too cold,” Purcell replied as he approached the podium to speak, wearing a black-and-white checked flannel shirt.

“I didn’t recognize you without it,” Gryder said.

Purcell presented Baird with some serious swag; coffee travel mugs emblazoned with the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office logo, which Baird seemed to admire.

Then the mayor launched into a story about a recent vacation to Pennsylvania with his wife, Kendall County Coroner Jacquie Purcell, who was watching from the audience.

Turns out the Purcells had visited a restaurant in a hamlet called Shamokin Dam, overlooking the famed Susquehanna River.

Purcell handed the sheriff a T-shirt from the restaurant, Skeeter’s BBQ, to laughter from Baird and the county board.

It also turns out that Baird’s nickname is Skeeter.

“That was pretty good,” the sheriff told Purcell.

Shortly afterward, as Jacquie Purcell stood to make her monthly report to the board, Gryder could not resist the opportunity.

“The circuit court clerk is here if you want to make any filings,” Gryder said.

“We’re good, thanks,” Purcell deadpanned in reply.

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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