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Yorkville Park Board president to step down due to pending move

YORKVILLE — As a public servant in Yorkville and Kendall County, Amy Cesich wears two hats.

The Yorkville resident is an elected member of the Kendall County Board, one of five members representing District 1.

Cesich also is an appointed member of the Yorkville Park Board, currently serving as that group’s president.

An Arizona native, Cesich came to the Chicago area when she was 18 years old and soon met her future husband. The couple moved to Yorkville in 2005.

“It’s the longest I’ve stayed in any one place,” Cesich said.

Now, Cesich and husband are planning a move to the Tucson, Arizona area.

Cesich, a Democrat, did not file to run for reelection to her county board seat because of the impending move.

She plans to finish out her term of office, which expires shortly after the Nov. 8 general election.

“I really feel that I owe it to the people who elected me to a four-year term,” Cesich said. “When people elect you it’s different from a job.”

Cesich also was hoping to remain on the park board until making the big move, but circumstances are forcing her to plan an earlier departure from the board.

With her house about to go on the market, Cesich was seeking a rental property to tide her over until moving to Arizona.

“I was really looking for a rental in Yorkville so I could remain on the park board,” Cesich said.

Instead, she will be renting a home in Plano for the duration.

While a Plano home will satisfy the residency requirement to represent the county board’s District 1, the move will disqualify Cesich from serving on the Yorkville Park Board.

Cesich said she expects to turn in her resignation to Yorkville Mayor John Purcell sometime in the near future.

“I love the small town community feel here in Yorkville where you know everybody,” Cesich said. “I’ll miss that.”

What Cesich will not miss, she told her park board colleagues when announcing her intentions at a recent meeting, are the cold winters that blow through Illinois.

First elected to the county board for two years in 2012, Cesich was elected again in 2018 to a four-year-term. She has served on the park board since 2010.

Cesich said she is proud to have been the first Democrat to be elected to represent District 1 on the county board. She also said she has appreciated her Republican colleagues on the board.

“The county board has a real good group of people now,” Cesich said. “The Republicans have been very gracious and said they valued my viewpoint.”

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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