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Yorkville School Board member to seek re-election as a write-in candidate

Yorkville School Board member Jason Senffner is seeking re-election though in an unorthodox way, urging residents on Facebook to write in his name for the April 6 consolidated general election.

Senffner initially chose not to seek re-election, passing on a petition filing deadline on Dec. 21. Yet no one filed to claim the open seat, prompting Senffner to unofficially join the race via social media.

“I was kind of hoping that some other people in the community would step up and take over and transition into that role,” Senffner said in an interview. “Once I found out no one did I did some retrospect and thought a little bit about it… It didn’t seem like it was something new to me. I’m going back to something I’m familiar with.”

Senffner formally filed his write-in candidacy on Wednesday, Feb. 3, meeting the deadline for write-in candidates at least 61 days before April’s election.

“If I am lucky enough to garner your vote it will have to be as a write-in candidate,” Senffner wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday. “Just print the name ‘Jason Senffner’ and it will count as an official vote.”

With Senffner returning to the race, Dr. Garrett Katula will be the only Y115 board member with a term ending this year not to seek re-election. Board vice-president Dr. Robert Brenart and member Dr. Shawn Schumacher will appear on the ballot unopposed.

Jorge Ayala, Yorkville resident and secretary of the district’s bilingual parent advisory council, will run unchallenged for Katula’s seat.

Senffner said he thinks the board has a shortage of new candidates because people might find the office overwhelming.

“They think school board and they think it could be a cutthroat-type thing,” Senffner said. “It really isn’t like that in Yorkville. It’s just up to an individual person and what feels right to them at the time.

Jason Senffner

Jason Senffner (Photo provided/)

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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